Good Shepherd Haitian Alliance Church

​​The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1                                                                    Sunday Service 10:00 AM                  

Pastor Eddy P. Raymond and his wife Luriane Raymond, the current host of FANMI PAM, have an interesting love relationship that has been going on for about twenty five plus years.  Since the day they met in 1990 until today, they have been curled together in a strong loving bond that has been growing strongly like some American redwoods in the forest of Northern California.   From the outset of that relationship friends and family members noticed there was something special in that couple as they were considered as an example among other young couples of the church.   They have been married for nineteen years.   The Lord has blessed them with four beautiful, respectful, and lovely children.  Eddy and Luriane Raymond were extremely blessed by the opportunity that was given to them to participate, right after their wedding, at their first Fall Festival of Marriage held in Ocean City, MD by Life Way.  That event had such a tremendous impact on the young couple that they embarked in a series of Festival of Marriage that would take them to seventeen straight participation of Fall Festival.  They have learned a great deal of information that had prepared them for the challenge of the marital relationship.   From managing finances, handling of in-laws, to making love, and developing relationship, they were trained in a variety of other practical issues that contributed to the ongoing success of their loving relationship.   Through FANMI PAM, Eddy and Luriane are giving back.  Please check the schedule page for further information.  

Jesus loves you, He is coming back soon. Are you ready to meet your Savior or your Judge?

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I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. John 10:11