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I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. John 10:11 

      Good Shepherd Haitian Alliance Church

​​The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1                                                                    Sunday Service 10:00 AM                  

The movement of Sunday schools was born in England in the late eighteenth century. The Anglican publicist Robert Raikes (1736-1811) is the initiator. It's in Gloucester, in July 1780 he opened the first school on Sunday to enroll a minimum of working children, their only day "free"! ... With the help of his relative by marriage the Anglican minister Thomas Stock (1750-1803), for three years they tested this new Protestant public education system. Then, thanks to the Baptist draper William Fox (1736-1826), himself a native of Gloucester but who made his fortune in London, that the movement is structured. He became an interdenominational work spreading across the world, common to every Christian denomination regardless of his choice of church government as "linking" agent, melting and feeding unit actors. While evolving and diversifying, this separate movement developed an educational model "integral" to the person, which articulated religious education and general education. It is under the influence of English Protestants that the movement has arrived and developed in many countries. The first Sunday school was opened Sunday, August 7, 1814 by Pastor Laurent Cadoret (1770-1861), the Reformed Church of Luneray in Normandy. It is however the pastor Edward the Vavasseur said Durell (1790-1861), which has been the spearhead of this school attended quickly sixty students. Originally from the island of Jersey, he was a stranger, which was suspect under the concordat. Organic Items prohibited the exercise of worship to a stranger. This explains why Durrell spent only two Sundays in Luneray, and his name was you. But it is from the South of France that the movement developed, and has set in Paris, a first incentive Committee (1826-1828). The Methodist minister Jean-Paul Cook (1828-1886), will become the spearhead and the backbone of the League of Sunday schools, created in Paris in 1852. The Thursday Schools were created in 1881, when Ferry laws were promulgated, establishing the separation of school and church.

A. Ruolt, 5/01/2013

Our Sunday school is in development stage.  We are putting together the building blocks that will serve as the foundation of our church. Everybody is learning in their respective class. The teachers are enthusiastic, they are ready, and they love to teach the word of God.  This is the best time to come and join us to be part of a dynamic group of people who love to study the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

The Word of God is the...